CLC Next Webinar will be November 18, 2021, Backyard Wildlife, If you build it, they will come

Chicago Living Corridors

Join us for the next Chicago Living Corridors webinar on November 18 at 7:00 pm.

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“Backyard Wildlife: If you Build It, They Will Come.” Stephen Barten’s presentation will focus on the wildlife in his backyard after 25 years of clearing buckthorn and other invasive species and planting native plants. Using photography and trailcam videos he will show 70 species of mammals, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and birds from his yard. It’s not all birds, either; 70 percent of the animals in his presentation are other species. His message is clearly the benefits of restoration, encouraging others to improve the habitat in their own yards to achieve similar results. Stephen Barten is a veterinarian, herpetologist, award-winning wildlife photographer, and experienced presenter at national veterinary conferences and veterinary schools. He and wife Patty have been Barrington residents for most of their adult lives. Steve generously donates his photography in support of Citizens for Conservation and other nonprofits across the US for use in publications, social media, and fund-raising auctions. His talk will highlight his photography and show the benefits of habitat restoration at a local level.

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