This map shows private landowners registered with the following organizations:

Note:  Northern Kane Wild Ones is a Founding Partner.  Their locations are included in The Conservation Foundation’s dots.  

It is a work in progress.  See the Participation page for descriptions of the organizations listed here.  

Click here to view interactive map. Mapping done by David Holman.

How to enhance the utilization of the Interactive Chicago Living Corridors map.

There are several icons just above the map that provide increased utilization of the map information.

In the black bar on the upper right, there are three icons:

  • The stacked horizontal lines with dots provide a legend or directory of the organizations included on the map and the colors that represent them.  
  • The icon that looks like three layers of paper gives you access to a listing where you can turn on or off any combination of organizations, and include a layer for Protected Lands, as shown on the I-View map. This last option allows the viewer to see the CALCA dots in juxtaposition to the protected lands (either one organization, several or all participating organizations). 
  • The print icon is self explanatory.

The key icon on the left-hand side is the box containing the four squares. You can access a dozen different backgrounds. You may find that selecting the black background will actually enhance the view or some of the dot patterns. The other options will provide different types of detail or views.

There is a ruler icon to provide for measuring distances, and a palette icon to enable drawing of boundaries.