CLC Next Webinar will be November 17, 2022,

Introduction to the Wonderful World of Moths

Join us for the next Chicago Living Corridors webinar on November 17 at 7:00 pm.

Mark your calendar for the next Chicago Living Corridors webinar. Thursday, November 17, at 7:00 pm.

Introduction to the Wonderful World of Moths.

Our presenter will be Lisa Maier

Many people think of moths as the lesser, dingy-looking cousins of butterflies. Moths are not only beautiful with thousands of different species to look for, but they also play extremely important roles in our ecosystems as pollinators and as food for other animals. Moth enthusiast Lisa Maier will introduce us to the wonderful world of moths, how to find them, how attract them to your yard and the import roles they play in the environment.

Lisa has always been a nature lover but developed a passion for moths from her love of birds and native plants and how they are all dependent on each other. She is currently Vice President of McHenry County Audubon Society, is a mentor for the Wildflower Propagation and Preservation Committee’s Natural Garden In Your Yard program and does wildlife monitoring for McHenry County Conservation District, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and Bird Conservation Network. Lisa has found nearly 80 species of moths in her yard and has searched for moths as far away as Central America.

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Where to Purchase Plants. Find resources for purchasing native plants on our Directory of Native Plant Nurseries & Landscapers, & our list of Native Plant Sales!

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